Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Scam Alert: Facebook Scam Offers Tickets to New ‘Twilight’ Film

It seems hackers and scammers alike are always on the hunt for the next hot ticket…and the next victim. Once again their targets are us the Twilight fans. MSNBC has posted an extremely important warning for all the fans.
Team Jacob or Team Edward?
If you’ve got an answer, then you’re a perfect target for a new “Twilight”-themed Facebook scam currently spreading around the massive, and massively exploitable, social network.
Detected by researchers from the security firm Trend Micro, this new scam promises free tickets to see “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2.”
Sounds great, right? Who wouldn’t want free tickets to a wildly anticipated movie?

There are two catches to this otherwise great offer. The first, of course, is that “Breaking Dawn, Part 2″ isn’t scheduled to hit big screens until Nov. 12, 2012, well after the Nov. 18, 2011 release of “Part 1.”

If that doesn’t raise a red flag, and you find yourself driven uncontrollably — like, say a vampire — to score these free movie tickets and see how the passionate relationship between Bella, Edward and Jacob ends — well, you’re out of luck.

Like past movie ticket scams that have preyed on Harry Potter fans, following this scam’s directions will redirect victims to a malicious survey that, once filled out, requests their phone number.
“As past scams have demonstrated, giving one’s phone number during one of these scams is a very bad idea and could result [in] the user being subscribed to premium-rate services,” the tech blog Softpedia wrote.

If you come across this, or any other suspicious-looking Facebook offers, ignore them, and never download any attachments, as they often harbor malicious software. For a list of social networking alternatives, click here.

This is getting beyond ridiculous! Yes it’s common sense  since Breaking Dawn pt. 2 isn’t scheduled for another year and a half but the sheer fact of getting free tickets to an event of this caliber would surely tempt even the most skeptical person. All I’m saying is…BE CAUTIOUS!!!
(Source:Spunk Ransom via MSNBC)

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