Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Organizations That Help Parents With Disabled Children

Parents of disabled children can face physical, emotional and financial challenges. Many need information on a variety of topics, yet can't spend hours on Internet research. In the last 15 years, help for parents with disabled children has become readily available online though organizations that collect and categorize resources. Now whether parents need community resources, support groups or the latest research, they can find it with a click.

    Family Village Project

  1. Since 1996, this easy-to-use directory has provided parents of disabled children with information on more than 300 diagnoses, support groups, research and special education. The legal center contains resources regarding disability rights and legislation; the shopping mall provides links for special-needs clothing and merchandise; and the recreation center offers information, including that on sports, camps and travel.
  2. National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities

  3. The National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY) brings information on disabilities, research, education, parenting and organizations to one convenient website. Parents can search by state or areas of interest and get connected to disability organizations, parent groups and agencies in their area. The NICHCY also offers a toll-free number, bilingual information and a monthly newsletter.
  4. National Family Caregivers Association

  5. The National Family Caregivers Association provides education and support for those who care for loved ones with a disability, chronic illness or advanced age. The information covers health, depression, agencies and organizations and provides links to e-communities and a family caregiver forum.
  6. Parent to Parent USA

  7. Founded in 2003, Parent to Parent USA provides support nationwide to families with special-needs children. The non-profit matches parents who need assistance with a trained volunteer support parent. The volunteer helps the family develop coping skills, connects them with community resources and provides guidance for navigating the health-care system.

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