Thursday, January 6, 2011

Piedmont Diaper Bank


We are just a group of moms who want to help meet a need in our community.  We all have small children and we know that diapers can have a huge impact on our budgets.  We also have taken for granted the impact that diapers has on our children's general health.  Struggling families who get help through WIC and Food Stamps don't get help to buy diapers, which we consider a basic health necessity.  So we have started this diaper bank to make it easier for families to care for their precious babies and toddlers.

We are a new organization and we are still working on our non-profit status.  Right now we are collecting donations from the wonderful people in our community and passing those donations on to a few local aid agencies and health departments.  Once we have our non-profit status, we hope to also accept corporate donations from retailers and national-brand diaper companies, enabling us to provide diapers to more families in our community. 

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