Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blue Sky Scrubs

Blue Sky Scrubs that sells various scrub wear from nursing scrubs to other styles of scrubs, you will be sure to find them at Blue Sky! Whether in the medical field, dental field, student or something else, You will find a style that will best fir your needs.

blue sky scrubs' line of medical nursing scrubs includes women’s medical uniforms in two different designer scrubs styles, and one line of fashionable scrubs for men. New scrub colors are added constantly. The first line of scrubs for sale by blue sky were offered in one style for women, and only in the popular color ceil blue. Now carrying over fifteen solid colors, blue sky scrubs offers an entire spectrum of colored scrubs, from khaki scrubs to black scrubs, and the classical surgical green scrubs. Other available colors include pink, chocolate, lilac, and navy scrubs, to name just a few of the many choices. The newest color added to the collection is Crimson Wine Scrubs.

Blue Sky Scrubs redefined what scrubs are and how they should look. They brought a whole new meaning to scrubs and uniforms!

The best part is, order $155 or more of scrub clothing and receive FREE shipping! How much better can it get?!?

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  1. These are really useful reviews about Blue Sky Scrubs. I am totally impressed to know about their stuff. Well, personally I prefer figs mens scrubs that I usually buy from But after reading about such another brand I would like to try this out once.


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