Friday, November 5, 2010

{ REVIEW } Squeak Me Shoes

I am a huge CSN fan! They have TONS of items to choose from from shoes to handbags to furniture you never know what you will find with them!

CSN sent me a pair of their Squeak Me Shoes for Sophia which I thought was very appropriate to go along with this blog! Now at the time, I didn't really even read about these shoes. I thought they looked great for the fall/winter season and they were my daughters size so I went ahead and made my order. When they arrived I handed them over so she could put them on and try them out. When she started walking around I realized they actually squeak! How cute! She absolutely LOVES them! Not to mention she won't take them off now! But that's alright! If you need relief from the squeak you just need to remove it from the heel. You can always re-insert it later when your headache is gone!

As far as the shoes themselves they are well made! Very high quality. Definitely not the typical Walmart shoes. Which don't get me wrong, Walmart shoes are cheap and quick to get. These shoes are priced a bit more but they're fun and will last you a bit longer! I'm definitely not worried about them falling apart on us! You can get these same shoes for just $29.99 and FREE shipping!

CSN has 200+ stores. They provide excellent customer service every time I do business with them. Plus, they always ship my products super quickly! I'm impatient when it comes to waiting on my items so this was definitely a big plus for me!

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