Monday, November 22, 2010

Especially From Santa Letter (8 WINNERS!)

Ok parents! If you're kids can read, don't let them view this one! This is a special review and giveaway Especially From Santa himself! And we don't want to spoil it for your youngsters!

Now that you're alone let me tell you about this little treat especially from Santa. What exactly is this deal from Santa that I keep talking about? Well you pay $10 and Santa will write a personalized letter to your child. He actually does sign it with a real signature as well! I had gotten one for my daughter & my younger sister and was very pleased with it! When you make the order you mention 3 things your child enjoys and 3 things your child has done well. Those things are used and incorporated into your personal letter to make it more special and meaningful for your child.

The letters are initially sent to you but inside that envelope your child's name and mailing address is on its own envelope as to make it appear the letter was mailed to directly to them! It even has it's own Santa stamp! Also, included is an activity book! These letters are sent out really quickly as well to ensure they get to you in time for the holidays!

Also, if you want to know what's on Santa's mind, check out Santa's Blog!

Can't wait for the giveaway to end? Buy your own HERE!

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