Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bian Variani (Milan) Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer (Milan, Italy) Bian Variani

Just because we're moms doesn't mean we can't enjoy fashion! Fashion Designer Brian Veriani knows all about that! Variani, who is from Milan, Italy, is a person every bit as colorful and ornate as the clothes he designs, a vibrant representation of the life and passions that have shaped him into one of the preeminent design icons of today.

After surviving a miracle birth, Bian enjoyed a childhood filled with fantasy and love. Raised by his artistic and hardworking mother, BV was captivated by her strength and motivated by her intensely creative persona.

Spending Countless hours playing "superheros" with his brother Blaz stoked the flames of imagination and cultivated his steadfast belief that he can achieve the impossible, creating wonderful couture fashions!

Combining this magical upbringing with his innate talent and discipline, Variani has become a renaissance man, transforming from an innocent and wide-eyed child into the trend setting veteran of the bright lights and red carpet that he is today., making him a great celebrity designer!

Don't be surprised when you see all his wonderful designs being worn by the models on the runway in Vancouver (that's in BC Canada)!

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