Thursday, February 4, 2010

Today's Eco-Buy: My Royal Heinie Wallet - this is fantastic!

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Today's Eco-Buy Brought To You By:My Royal Heinie Logo

The Wallet
50% off $25.00

Make any bag a diaper baWalletg with this ultimate diapers and wipes case. Fit up to six diapers and a large stack of wipes.

You'll never have to buy travel packs of wipes again. Buying wipes in bulk not only is better for the environment, it's easier on your pocketbook too.

And forget about that hard plastic case! Just grab your wallet of diapers and wipes and off to the changing table you go!

When baby's out of diapers, use it for a change of clothes or even a snack bag. Makes a great make-up case too!

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