Thursday, February 25, 2010

Protect Your Kids From Identity Theft

As Moms, we're constantly helping our children to develop their own unique sense of self. We nurture their creativity, encourage creative play and try to show them to follow their own instincts and make independent decisions. Yes, we strive to support their growing identity, but what are we doing to protect it?

Shockingly, children are the most vulnerable and rapidly growing segment of identity theft victims. In fact, over 900,000 children were victimized last year...that's over 1400 per day.  Why are thieves targeting children?  Simple...There are over 80 million unprotected kids in the U.S. today! 

Any child with a social security number is at risk and those who are victimized can face far reaching effects, from criminal records to job denials to college entrance rejections.

Luckily, we were recently introduced to a great service that can protect your children from the dangers of identity theft. This company was started by a father of 4.  Parents everywhere should check out www.KokiKidsid.orgWith the most sophisticated and proactive identity theft program available today, KokiKids is the ONLY solution specifically designed to protect kids and most importantly puts parents back in control!

Not sure if you need the Koki Kid's protection for your child?  Ask Yourself these questions:

  • Do you know your Child's K-SCORE?
  • Did you know that the top 3 places where thieves get your child's confidential information is...  1) Schools, 2) Doctor/Medical Offices,3) Hacking into Databases/Internet 
  • Do you know if someone is using your child's personal information?
  • What would you do if you found out someone was using your child's information?
  • Did you know that a Child's Information is more valuable than an adults?
If you can't answer all of these questions than please go to Give yourself peace of mind for only pennies a day! 
The Koki Kid's coverage starts from $7 / month and tops out at a very economical $16.95 / month for 3 or more children.  Koki Kids is also including a Special Bonus Offer to our Moms Only (A $30 Value) when you follow this link!


Click HERE to learn more about KokiKids and the peace of mind they can provide you and your family. Take the first step today to safeguard your child's identity and take control of their future!

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