Thursday, August 13, 2009

Head of the Class


There’s a serious case of back-to-school jitters in your house. And Junior’s not the only one feeling the willies.

We asked the cofounders of, a blog that helps parents extend learning beyond the classroom, for tips on preparing for the big day.

Book It
Find together time to read books about starting school, like The Kissing Hand, by Audrey Penn, and Will I Have a Friend, by Miriam Cohen. (Find other titles on the recommended book list.)

Little Miss Independent
Shop ’til you drop. Choosing a first-day outfit or new lunch box will help her feel confident and independent.

Photo Op
Put a family picture inside his backpack and let him know he can sneak a peek whenever he needs you.

Practice Makes Perfect
Review the getting-to-school routine and route. Familiarity with the school’s location (and all the things she’ll see on the way) is very reassuring.

Model Behavior
No matter how anxious you are about sending your baby off to school, if your child sees that you’re looking forward to the big day, she’s likely to feel the same.

After all, excitement is as contagious as a cold in a kindergarten classroom.

Thank you to Daily Candy for providing this wonderful information!

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