Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Balloons For Harley

So i was checking my google reader & came across this amazing story! I had to share with all of you & hope you will also pass it along. I am also a mother & a Member of the January 2008 Babies group on Cafe Mom as this mom is which made the story a bit more touching & personal to me. I do hope you take the time to read it.

Balloons For Harley

Who knew that a social networking group for moms could bring so many people together. Scarlett is 19 months and I am a member of a January 2008 Babies group on Cafemom. In this group I have met some amazing women and watched their children grow up in pictures and through blogs / posts that they make. It is a truely amazing thing. In the beginning, I never knew how attached I could become to some of the other Mother's out there. Over these past 19 months I have learned just how easy it is to give your heart to a mother and a child that you have never actually met. In our group we have had some great times and some very sad times.
Today my heart aches for one sweet little girl, Harley Carson. Harley was a 19 month old baby girl who was diagnosed with Alper's Syndrom and has now left her life here on earth to spend her days with Jesus. Her story has touched many hearts and my thoughts and prayers go out to her parents, family and friends. If you would like to know more about Harley please visit her blog at http://helpharley.blogspot.com/ or her Caring Bridge page at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/harley/journal .
In Rememberance of Harley Carson, a Balloon Release and Moment of Silence will be held on Saturday, August 29th at 1pm. We are asking that you please take part and release a purple balloon or two. When doing so please take photos and email them back to me at amartin52006@hotmail with a subject title of "balloon release". These photos are going to be used to create something special for Harley's family.
I posted a photo at the top. It is a 2x3 printable tag that you can printout and attach to your balloons so that Harley's story can be spread to even more people. A friend of mine, Emily, created this tag and should receive any and all credit for it. Please feel free to share the tag and Harley's story but do not pass it off as your own.
I want to thank everyone who participates. I am sure it will mean a great deal to Katie and Cameron.

This was posted by Amber on her blog: My Life as Mama and Wife.

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