Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Preggie Pop Drops

Preggie Pop Drops are naturally flavored and specially formulated candy drops made for pregnant women who are having morning sickness.

These all natural morning sickness drops are drug free and health care provider recommended!.

Preggie Pop Drops alleviate dry mouth, provide quick calories and energy during labor, and are an overall soothing and conforting way to address the needs of pregnant women that are suffering from morning sickness.

"Preggie Pop Drops got me through the first months of my pregnancy! I depended on them everywhere - in the car, the grocery store, at my desk, at the doctors office. They were my best friend and I didn't leave home without them. The thing that surprised me the most about them is that they tasted good. I was expecting them to have some kind of medicine taste, but it just tasted like hard candy.

Preggie Pop Drops come in a variety of flavors and are great for those that cannot be seen with a sucker stick hanging out of their mouth at all times. It is my advice, if you are experiencing morning sickness, to get these right away. Give yourself some relief, you deserve it!"
- Nancy

Preggie Pop Drops $5.50
Morning Sickness Lollipop Drops Nausea Relief for Pregnancy

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