Monday, July 13, 2009

Baby Bloopers

Safety First
At a gift shop, my 3 year old daughter, Mia Rose, was mesmerized by a large jar of marbles. She reached in, grabbed a few, and said "Mommy, what beautiful choking hazards!"
Danielle Verilli; New Rochelle, New York

Top Dogs
We recently visited friends who were house-training their puppy. After a successful trip out to the yard, our friend explained to our 3 year old son, Jackson, that the puppy gets a dog biscuit when he goes to the bathroom. Jackson nodded seriously and replied, "I get M&M's."
-Lisa Chamberlain; Southlake, Texas

Online Learning
I was practicing the alphabet with my 3 year old son, Evan, and he got stuck at W. I let him think for a minute and then asked, "What comes after W?" He responded, "Dot Com!"
-Beth Maus; Holland, Ohio

Fave Fairy Tale
A family friend asked my 5 year old daughter, Allison, whether there were any books or movies whose characters shared her name. She excitedly answered, "Yes! Allison Wonderland!"
-Heidi Smith Leudtke; Alexandria, Virginia

Cute as a Button
I was teaching first grade while pregnant with my daughter, Emma. At 7 1/2 months, my belly button started to stick out. One day a student came over and said, "Mrs Fausset, I can see you baby's nose!"
-Jessica Fausset; Tulsa, Oklahoma

Fired Up
Sam, 3, saw some firemen and asked why they wore big jackets. When i said it was chilly out, he yelled, "But Auntie Jenny says firemen are hot!"
-Amy Zuber-Seguin; Portage, Wisconsin

Cat Fanatic
I took my 5 year old son, Parker, to the local Humane Society just to look at the animals. He really loves cats but knows we can't have one because his dad is allergic. When we were leaving, the volunteers at the front desk asked us if we had any questions about the animals and Parker said, "As soon as we go home and get rid of my dad we're going to come back and get a cat."
-Brandy Dahlegren; Phoenix, Arizona

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